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It is a StartUp World. The "YourStartUpAdvisors" podcast exists to guide, inspire, inform, and ... yes... entertain those in, about to start, or investigating the viability of their entry in to the StartUp World. "It's a StartUp Word." means a few things: First, that startup mentality and activity crosses all borders. Second, that this podcast, and associated training sand development website has marshaled unparalleled resources.
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Nov 30, 2016

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Rick lackey has had successes- and failures. And he KEEPS going. His latest success is a Non-Tech StartUp (Yes, it is possible!) that invites people to invest their time in relationships in their own town or city, in order to help each other build deeper, more profitable relationships. According to Rick: "As a startup, you learn the most from expensive mistakes." Learn how one man in Atlanta has helped 3,000 people across the US build and enjoy profitable relationships. 

Nov 23, 2016

There are people who have experience, and then there are people with INSIGHT. Having been a Program Director for an NYU / NY State Clean Tech Incubator (ACRE), Lightman also worked in Venture Capital, and at time of this recording was consulting with the World Bank on StartUp Incubators in The Caribbean, New York, and other points over the globe. This interview is FAST moving. Detailed. PACKED with info for your successful construction of a StartUp. Good material regardless of the stage you are in. 

Nov 16, 2016

Frank DeGeorge and Joe Little, two former US Army rangers, are taking YouStake into new territory. We always look for Inspiring Intersections here @ YourStartUpAdvisors, and continues to find interesting and intriguing ones. Where is the intersection between professional competition and investing? Where is the intersection between Esports and crowd funding? Listen as these two wildly inspiring guys discuss where they are headed. 

Nov 9, 2016

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Espree Devora has focused on building a community that serves, has fun, and thrives. We met Espree at Tech Day LA, and were immediately interested in having her guest on our podcast. Energy, enthusiasm, fascinating experience and a warm personality make Espree on of our "TITANS". She just ... gets it! Listen, learn, laugh!

Nov 2, 2016

Read for an hour a day, and double your income within 18 months. It's a fact. "But... what do I read?" Well, here are a few suggestions, along with insights into WHY.