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It is a StartUp World. The "YourStartUpAdvisors" podcast exists to guide, inspire, inform, and ... yes... entertain those in, about to start, or investigating the viability of their entry in to the StartUp World. "It's a StartUp Word." means a few things: First, that startup mentality and activity crosses all borders. Second, that this podcast, and associated training sand development website has marshaled unparalleled resources.
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Jun 8, 2017

Our Resident Futurist Isaac Naor was in Cupertino @ Apple World HQ for the World Wide Developers' Conference. 

The fine folks at Apple were kind enough to allow us to record a Podcast RIGHT FROM THE EVENT!


Please forgive a bit of wavering in the volume and Audio Quality.


Isaac & I discuss design, platforms, access, connectivity... and lots more, in just under 35 minutes!

Apr 5, 2017

Keith Saarloos will not tell you that StartUps are all fun and games. He will probably not encourage you to start one. What he WILL do is tell you the truth... the way he sees it. 

From his farm in Santa Ynez, California, Keith manages family, farming, winemaking, a tasting room, and a launch pad for other startups. All of this is done under the banner: "Saarloos & Sons." Event though he is the son that started the business. Listen. Laugh. Learn,

Mar 29, 2017

Angel & Eric started serving startups and small business ten years ago. Since then, then they have found their way onto Radio Stations across the United States with "Experience Pros" - the one source for POSITIVE talk on the radio! Entrepreneurs who understand what it takes, these two have a fascinating story of how they began working together, what Experience Pros is about... and why a positive attitude makes such a difference!

Nov 16, 2016

Frank DeGeorge and Joe Little, two former US Army rangers, are taking YouStake into new territory. We always look for Inspiring Intersections here @ YourStartUpAdvisors, and continues to find interesting and intriguing ones. Where is the intersection between professional competition and investing? Where is the intersection between Esports and crowd funding? Listen as these two wildly inspiring guys discuss where they are headed. 

Oct 5, 2016

Mark Wardell has built a successful business because he was willing to RISK EVERYTHING. His is an accomplished consultant to businesses of all sizes, and he was willing to go an be an apprentice at the proverbial feet of an accomplished Master in the field of business consulting. After four years... Mark had authored a series of books himself, and had begun building a Consulting Practice that has taken him around the world. 

Sales, Leadership, Expansion, Business Strength and marketing are all part of the Wardell International tool kit.